I'm an experimental photographer living in Omaha, Nebraska.  Throughout my life I've explored the darker sides of emotion and desire.  Creating imagery which seeks to be felt rather than categorically recognized.  By using alternative and mixed media processes, I blur the line between what is staged and what is real.  With an active interest in the occult, romance, and self-exploration, my work is continually being refined to bring the audience deeper into my world.

Group Exhibitions

2017 Seven Lenses, Petshop Gallery, Omaha, NE
2014 Pictorial and Pure, Petshop Gallery, Omaha, NE
2014 Annual Student Art Exhibition, Gallery of Art and Design, Elkhorn Valley Campus, Metropolitan Community College, Omaha, NE
2014 16x16x16 Traveling Exhibition, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, University of Kansas, University of Colorado at Denver, Montana State University, Metropolitan Community College
2013 Only When, Tugboat Gallery, Lincoln, NE
2013 In Camera, Petshop Gallery, Omaha, NE