Are blogs still a thing?

Of course I'm starting a blog 10 years out of fashion.  They're still a thing right?  I'm on Instagram and Facebook.  Tumblr for a couple weeks a year.  Why blog then?  Clearly the fans are clamoring for static content requiring them to leave their preferred "app" and read a bunch of text.  In full disclosure I view it like this: I'm paying Squarespace loot to show my images that change maybe once or twice a year.  Depending on my series.  I'm really tired of having a dead end portfolio website that never changes.

So what is this blog about then?  Photography, processes, events, and thoughts on the craft.  I currently have events lined up for 2018 and early 2019.   While I'm constantly progressing into other processes and subject matter I'm still fascinated by more traditional straight up portraiture.  That's something I'd like to revert back to this summer in my spare time.  My biggest hangup is conflating that work with my portfolio work.  How do I share and showcase portraiture without infringing upon my other series?  Oh yeah, a photo blog.

I'm also writing tutorials and guides on some of the processes I do.  The past year or two has been mostly image transfers and wax encaustic work.  Most people only want to see the finished result.  But there are people who want to see the process and how it's done.  That's me.  I find it super cliche when some content creator says "I noticed there weren't any good tutorials out there so I decided to do a tutorial on Photoshop."  No, there are plenty of good tutorials.  But when it comes to some of the hands on processes I do, they often are hard to find or unique in my own way.  I'm the type of person who takes from a bunch of different sources and makes something my own.  If I can be a beacon on someone else's creative journey then why not?

So this is my post about nothing.  About something that doesn't exist yet.  I think the biggest change from my 20's to 30's is the realization that death is coming.  So I better stop talking and get to moving.